It all began with vinyl fetishism. The first track ‘Rainfall of Happiness’ was immediately recognised, supported and remixed by high profile producers. NH -Records are true underground music orientated label and spread sounds of pure positive vibes that keep even the pickiest listeners smiling. Label produces perfectly made tracks with ecstatic and uplifting melody so it’s no surprise that their sounds are in such a high demand amongst the real techno fanatics. NH – Records main objective is the development of independent techno music and introduction of new quality to the market .A huge variety of contrasting remixes make this label so unique. NH -Records is no doubt an endeavour to maintain Norbert’s family tradition. His mother is a music teacher, grandfather was a world known piano tuner, his grand grandfather owned a piano factory and grand grand grandfather was a violinist at the theatre. To keep up with family’s heritage Norbert had no choice but to devote himself to music. Since May 2011 NH – Records releases on mp3 simultaneously.

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